Association pour la lutte contre le Sida a.s.b.l.

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Donations to this not-for-profit organisation are tax deductible



Association pour la Lutte contre le SIDA a.s.b.l

Improving the living conditions of people with AIDS
Support for research projects

Rue Haute 322 – 1000 Brussels BELGIUM
+32 2 535 41 30

ING account no: 310-0677665-12

Donations tax deductible from €30


The "Association pour la Lutte contre le SIDA" not-for-profit organisation was officially recognised by a Royal Decree published in the Moniteur belge (Official Belgian Gazette) on 1 October 1987. Its main goals are:

  1. Training and running a team of hospital volunteers
  2. Improving hospital stay conditions (redesigning spaces, occupational therapy, etc.)
  3. Psychological support to patients without social security benefits or who, due to their condition, are no longer able to cope with the financial burden of their disease
  4. Support for clinical, therapeutic and fundamental research projects.


Board Members
  • Prof. Nathan Clumeck: Chairman
  • Prof. Stéphane De Wit: Secretary
  • Dr Yves Van Laethem: Treasurer


Achievements and projects

The Association pour la Lutte contre le SIDA provides support for:

  1. Improving the care and comfort of both hospitalised and consulting patients through new furniture, renovations (repainting), better meals, etc.
  2. Training and one-to-one supervision of hospital volunteers (assisting patients and helping nurses with minor administrative tasks) by external psychologists
  3. Free newspapers to hospitalised patients
  4. Creation of educational patient groups which offer information sessions on the disease, treatments and their consequences for HIV-infected patients
  5. Participation in a European network for supervision and follow-up of HIV-infected teenagers.